Cyrus Youngman & the Kingfishers is an eclectic collection of young musicians committed to the pursuit of truth outside the constraint of genre.  Hailing from Indianapolis, these seven sonic troubadours urge the citizens of earth to wrestle their demons to the ground and then ask them in for a cup of tea.  They encourage all of humankind to accompany them in abandoning the show of shadows as they melodiously ascend toward the light of reality.  

In December of 2014, Youngman began assembling a squadron of musicians to accompany him in the quest for clarity. Two years later, Cyrus and the backing band of his dreams are offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to record at the legendary Blackbird Studio in Nashville, TN with Mark Rubel.  They aim to have those recordings out by Spring 2017.  


Cyrus Youngman - Harmonica, Acoustic Guitar, and Lead Vocals


Colin Oakley - Drums

Matt Corken - Electric guitar, backing vocals 

Nathaniel Hood - Piano, backing vocals

Andrew Roti - Bass 

Glenn Dantam - Saxophone 

Justin Renner - Electric Mandolin, backing vocals